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Two Types of Membership Pricing

We are a member of the Vitality Squad membership system. Actually we developed it and at some point we will be moving it to include other professionals at a later date.

But the membership incentives we have on this page are exclusive deals for Essential Vitality Clients only.


These memberships are based on the needs of the individual. Below we will describe each membership type.



Plan One - 1/2 price pricing on all services.

How does it work? Simple! You pay a $20 per month membership fee and you have access to:



  • All services for half price. All services will automatically discounted at time of purchase ( with the exception of gift certificates - however, if your a member, the 1/2 price discount will be disocunted from the certificate). 
    • If you use this Amount @ regular price/month... You will pay only this amount/month....
      $100 $50
      $500 $250
      $1000 $500
      etc etc


  • Since Laser Lipo is considered cosmetic rather than health, it would not normally be considered on the other plan. However, in this plan, it will qualify for the half price pricing.


  • You also have access to an ever growing library of personal education and webinars through www.ivitalitysquad.com for as long as you have your membership.


  • Memberships can be set through credit card, paypal or as a direct debit from your bank account. All direct debit programs must be set up in person at your appointment. Credit card or paypal accounts can be set up online. For direct debit, bi-weekly withdrawls are an option. All bi-weekly direct debit pricing is calculated so that you pay the same amount per year as you would on a monthly program.

Subscribe to our $20/month Membership

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Please note that the 50% off deal is exclusive to Essential Vitality Only and therefore the Bronze Plan lists it as "No Appointment Access." Essential Vitality will honour the 50% off access! Plans must be maintain for one year or full appointment (of past appointments) price will be billed to the client.



 Plan Two - A Membership Insurance-like Plan

This is a monthly coverage plan.

Key differences from the above plan are:

  • You don't have to pay anything at the appointment.


  • You have up to two hours per month of any appointment at Essential Vitality (except the Laser Lipo) for individual Silver Plans and 5 hours per month for Gold Family packages.


  • A portion of the un-used hours can be carried over per month up to five months worth of carry-overs (one hour per Silver Plan, and two hours per Gold Plan). This is ideal in the case where an acute situation requires more intense work.


  • If you exceed the allotted hours per month, you will revert back to the 50% off of any extra sessions beyond the 2 or 5 hours in the Silver & Gold Plans unless you have a credit built up from previous months.


  • Laser Lipo is not covered in this plan. You are far better off to purchase the first plan or purchase laser lipo sessions in a package to get the best discount.


  • With this plan, you also get access to the ever-growing education that is available online through ivitalitysquad.com. 


  • Silver and Gold Members also receive unlimited access per month (no extra charge) to online group sessions at the Vitality Squad. These are like support groups where they actually run a group treatment online. Live two-way discussion & sharing occurs via webcam (on a Zoom platform) with a group. Some groups that have been running include: Anxiety/depression groups and some geared for those who struggle with moving forward with plans in their life (called "Getting out of the Rut")


  • These plans can also be set up through Paypal, credit card or by pre-authorized debit. Pre-authorized debit must be set up manually with the facilitator. All direct debit programming is eligible for bi-weekly payment and is calculated so that you are paying no more than the monthly plans pay be year since there are generally two more payments per year.



Subscribe to our $50/month Coverage Plan For Individuals

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Subscribe to our $100/month Coverage Plan For Families

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Please note that the 50% off continuation deal after monthly used appointments is exclusive to Essential Vitality Only and therefore the Silver Plan does not indicate this. Essential Vitality will honour the 50% off access after previous plan appointments are used! Plans must be maintain for one year or full appointment (of past appointments) price will be billed to the client.



We also recognize memberships from the Neurological Wellness Association


For members of this association, we honour all discount and coverage vouchers. This is an ideal association for those who have a neurological condition and require natural health services. 

Only our natural health services are covered on this program. To learn more about this association, please go to the organization's  home page! Membership is free but for extra coverage, you will be required to have an assessment through this association.


Visit the NWA Here