Laser Lipo Treatments

This is a non-invasive, non-surgical, non-cell destroying method of reducing cellulite. Laser Lipo triggers a natural process within the body that burns off the fat.

We see an average of 1/2 inch to 1.5 inches per 1/2 hour session. And it can do a small amount of skin tightening over time as well. 

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Laser Lipo is Dependent on....

....This treatment is not a replacement for a complete lifestyle change. It is considered a body sculpturing technique. Therefore, laser lipo is dependent on maintaining of an active lifestyle of both proper eating and exercise.

It is ideal for those hard to trim areas. Our most successful clients recognize this need to maintain their lifestyle change. Those clients take it off these trouble spots with the laser lipo and keep it off through regular exercise and proper eating habits.

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What to expect...

First of all, your will be required to attend a FREE Consultation. In this session, you are required to fill out a client intake form that asks you a few questions about your medical history. 

During a regular Laser Lipo session, we will take measurements before and after the procedure to given you an idea of how you are doing. Sessions are about a 1/2 hour in length plus about 10 to 15 minutes on the vibrational trainer. The vibrational trainer will stimulate the liquified fat to move into the lymphatic system for elimination.

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What Laser Lipo Can do...


1. The Laser is a Cold Laser. No heat is produced. Not risk of burns

2. It is non-invasive, non-surgical, not-cell destroying & safe

3.This procedure is only meant for targeted areas. For full body reduction, lifestyle coaching recommended. 

4. In some cases, this procedure has reduced inflammation for some clients. A definite benefit in treatments.

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What the Laser cannot do....

It is NOT a Replacement for Lifestyle change/Dieting. Fat is instantly released during the session but stimulation is required to move the fat into the lymphatics. Exercise is recommended beyond the vibrational trainer. 

POOR DIET hinders the process. Proper lifestyle change and/or coaching is encouraged to keep results up. 

Fat reduction does not always translate into pounds. Fat weighs less than pounds therefore good diet/exercise recommended. 

Not A FULL Body weight loss system. This procedure is only meant for targeted areas. For full body reduction, lifestyle coaching recommended and available.

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How IT Works....

Laser lipo is not a single treatment. It is recommended than one has 8 to 12 treatments for best results. Two to three treatments are recommended a week with 48 hours minimum in between. A treatment once a week or a treatment here and there WILL NOT yield the results most want.  

Regular ~ $120/session
$60 for those on our Bronze membership program
(Discount Packages are also available with pre-authorized payment available)

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Packages available?

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Touch-Up Package

* 8 Laser Lipo Treatments
* No Lifestyle coaching

Regular $960
Now $560

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"I Mean Business" Package

* 12 Laser Lipo Treatments
* 4 Lifestyle Coaching Sessions (including My Inside MakeOver Course access & NB Sessions)

Regular $1760
NOW $1000

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"supreme Extermination" Package

* 24 Laser Lipo Sessions
* 8 Lifestyle Coaching Sessions (Including My Inside MakeOver COurse Access & NB Sessions)

Regular $3520
NOW $1760

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All Packages...

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