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The Vitality Squad

Corporate Programming

Essential Vitality would like to make wellness programs more accessible for those who want access to them. We are therefore rolling out a set of corporate programming available for small to large sized businesses.

We have programming that covers both wellness and education & team building as well. Below will out line some of the programming we have available. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a time to discuss your individual corporate needs.


Individual Programming

We are willing to provide individual programming to the corporate sector in three different forms. All sizes of businesses would have access to any of these programs and each program could be tailored to the needs to the individual business as per their goals and requirements. For example, if you need only certain services available for your corporation, we can modify the plans and pricing to accommodate it to suit those needs.

Types of programs are as follows;

  • Corporate discounts on regular memberships - A corporation who wants to promote wellness can sign-up for a corporate wellness discount code. This code can be given to all individuals within their facility giving them a standard discount negotiated for all employees at their facility. These memberships include most services at Essential Vitality and depending on the type of membership, may open the memberships up to more partnered facilitators under the “Vitality Squad” network. 

Apply for a Corporate Code Here


  • EAP programming -  We can build an EAP program for your employees natural health needs and we can center the programming around your corporate goals.


  • We can also join already-in-place programming at like EAP programming or other natural health wellness programming you may already have in place.

To take advantage of this type of programming, please contact Shannon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Educational and Team Building Programming.


Essential Vitality is willing to provide you with employee health education and or team building strategies in relation to wellness  and personal stress release. Some of these take the form of educational events and some take the form of small group session work as laid out by the boundaries of Natural BioEnergetics.


  • Education training - these are based on wellness and personal stress release techniques that individuals can use to direct their own wellness needs and release their own stress. Training is according to number of clients. Larger group discounts available.


  • Small Group Session Work - These types of sessions have become more popular in the past year. We currently do some non-corporate style groups on various topics online and in office. These are ideal for small groups under 20. They are perfect in situations where extra group work is needed to build productivity or reduce stressful situations. Using Natural BioEnergetics, groups can work through the methodology within the Natural BioEnergetic system to build new horizons. A specific topic and or subtopics are determined and the work is mapped out from there. Cost is per individual. If several sessions needed, group discount rates can apply.