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Health Kinesiology FAQ's

Here is a list of common FAQ's asked to us. Please feel free to contact us if you have some more questions about HK. We also invite you to take a look at the information we posted in our old website when more detailed information on Health Kinesiology can be found


Will I feel any pain during a Health Kinesiology session?

Typically Health Kinesiology is a very passive treatment. Most people will not really feel a lot of anything. Some even question whether the treatment even works because of this. Unless you have an extremely painful condition to begin with, we do not expect to many to experience increased pain at all. I have seen some feel a change in the level of the pain. I have also seen a few people experience temporary increase in pain during a specific correction of which ends as soon as the correction is complete. Generally this temporary increase in pain is very rare and it is more of a sign that something is actually working.


Will I experience any side effects?

Most people do not, however, there are a small percentage that will experience a detox reaction. Detox reactions are technically a good thing and short lasting however, to the person experiencing it, it could be very unpleasant.

Typical detox reactions include:

  • Nausea (very seldom vomiting)
  • Increased movement of the bowels
  • The jitters (an uncontrollable jitters lasting from a few minutes to a few hours)
  • Lighter sleep the first night or two after or deeper sleep

Increase your water intake to help your body with these reactions. Sometimes adding a pinch of Himalyan (pink) salt occasionally, may help as well.


How do I prepare for my session?

Make sure you are well hydrated with water before your appointment. Anything other than water will actually dehydrate you so for every other beverage you consume, please consume at least the same amount in water as well.

Come to the appointment in comfortable wear. 


How often are the treatments?

That all depends on your body's needs. I will determine at the end of the session when you need to come back (if at all). However, very seldom do people need to come more than once a week and often people are 2 to 3 weeks before their next appointment to allow their body time to process the new corrections.


Is this covered under insurance?

Less and less is covered under insurance. The vast majority are not today unless you have a self-directed plan. I cannot guarantee any of this to be covered. However, Health Kinesiology technically is one of my cheaper services even though at first appearance it does not appear so. 

Comparing this service to our laser lipo service, the health kinesiology hourly rate is almost half the price of the hourly rate of laser lipo.

Nonetheless, we do have package discount available that can be individually tailored to your needs and a pre-authorize debit system can be used.

New: We are now working with the Neurological Wellness Association and some people can apply for funding under this umbrella. We encourage you to take a look at their memberships. For those of limited incomes, you may be able to apply through them for further coverage of our services. Visit them at:

All clients can become a member of NWA entitling you to 50% off your first appointment and 25% off subsequent appointments. Those on limited income may apply for financial assistance of 5% to 95%. Find out more here.


What payment modes do you accept?

For in-office appointments: Cash, Mastercard/Visa, or Debit (Interac), pre-authorized debit

For distance appointments; Paypal, Credit card, Pre-authorized debit, Interac Money transfer. (For distance appointments, a invoice will be sent to you through email).


Will this interfere with my regular medical treatment?

We never attempt to interfere with any medical treatment nor do we tell you to stop any physician protocols. We only endeaver to enhance your current regime.

I have however, had patients that have been able to decrease medications or treatments after a certain number of health kinesiology sessions however, this must be strictly monitored by your physician. Only a physician can determine when a patient should decrease any medication. Please do not attempt to decrease your own medication without physician assistance.


Do I need a physician release to try health kinesiology?

No, you do not since we will not be interfering with your current treatment. 


Do I need a physician's referral for Health Kinesiology?

No you do not. You can book the appointment yourself without any referral of any kind. 


What kind of conditions Does Health Kinesiology help?

Health kinesiology doesn't work on specific disease states. It works on a level that modern medicine does not touch. When this level is finally corrected, a normal healing process usually results. We do have some specific corrections that are typically used in areas such as allergies, intolerances, fears, phobias, ptsd and more however these corrections may not be the specific corrections those people need or they are not the required until other base work is complete.

We don't like to advertise that healthy kinesiology works on specific disease, however, clients have reported it to help in areas of;

  • Allergies, intolerances, sensitivites
  • Depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, etc
  • Pain reduction
  • chronic illness maintenance
  • addictions
  • PTSD, ABI, concussions and more.
  • hormone imbalances
  • and so much more.

How does health Kinesiology work in distance appointments?

Scientifically the process works thru Quantum physics and a principle called non-locality. Sounds pretty complicated and honestly I was never good at physics so I totally get it.

All you have to know is that as long as I have a visual connection, it will work. That is why we need the Telehealth type software.

During the process, the practitioner will determine what it needed and will given you instructions as to what you are to do for each correction. It may range from just holding acupressure points on yourself to thinking something, saying something ec. It will be completely interactive.