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To book an appointment for Natural BioEnergetics (health kinesiology);

All Appointments will be a reservation only. You will receive a confirmation as soon as Shannon confirms the appointment at her end.

Distant appointments;

  • Are done online through Zoom.
  • A small app may be required to load on your computer or mobile device.

Saskatoon Appointments

  • Please note that Saskatoon Appointments can only be booked for Monday evenings  on Saturdays for now however distance appointments are available on other days.
  • You will receive confirmation by email once Shannon has confirmed your appointment on the other end. Please give a few hours for this confirmation to go through.
  • If booking same day, we ask you to call 306-941-0617 and leave a message. There may not be enough time to travel to the Saskatoon location depending on when you book and confirmation of room availability needs to be made.


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Book A Distance Appointment


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