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Frequency Therapy

Written by Administrator

We have purchased a new therapy machine recently and we are now ready to release it to our regular line of services.


What is Frequency Therapy?


It is a computer controlled therapy that utilizes frequency through headphones to both scan the body and release frequencies required to move your body forward in the healing process.


It scans on a level not usually detected by our other therapies and can be used to work from a whole body perspective right down to individual organs and cells.


Using it in a combination with our other services can greatly enhance your road to wellness and vitality or it may be that your body will require this service as its sole treatment regime at EV.


What to expect during the therapy?


Basically, you do nothing but lay back and relax while wearing the headphones. The facilitator does all the work through the program.  We will not run the program more than 1.5 hours.


Is there any side effects?


As all therapies from most practitioners, side effects are probably minimal. However, some people get side effects mixed up with detoxification symptoms. But even detoxification symptoms can result only in a small portion of people.


A detoxification symptom may occur briefly after the treatment. And when it does, it simply means your body is putting forth the protocols introduced to you by the therapy you received. And this can occur anytime within the first 48 hours after any natural health therapy. Although it isn't common to everyone, there is always a possibility that it can occur.


A detoxification symptom can be any of the following;

  • Nausea for a brief time. If it extends more than a day, it may not be a detox reaction.
  • Extreme tiredness, or need to sleep longer than normal the first night or two after the therapy 
  • Changes in appetite for a day
  • Need to drink more water 
  • Shivering excessively but you are not cold. You may actually feel warm.
  • Or other uncommon characteristics. Check with your facilitator if you are concerned


The basic recommendation is to treat your body according to its needs (ie, sleep, rest, food, water, etc). We often tell people that drinking adequate water will assist the detoxification process. Adding a little bit of Himalyan salt will definitely help in some cases.


If you take regular vitamins, it also is recommended (as in any therapy) to continue them.


These symptoms usually pass in a few hours for most people. If you are concerned, check with the facilitator.


How fast will the therapy work?


Everyone is different. Some notice a difference immediately. Some may take months. Some might not notice any change because its all on different level that is not noticeable to the immediate senses.


What is this therapy good for?


It can be utilized for a variety of ailments from minor discomforts to full scale metabolic issues. Some of the practitioners came across this machine through a cancer patient who actually had been using it almost daily in his fight with cancer.


Frequency would depend on the needs of the individual. And some client may need a combination of both health kinesiology, ionic foot cleanses and this therapy all together. The facilitatory would be able to give you more of an indication of which route would work for you.


How do I book?


You can book online here or call 306-941-0617


Customized discount packages available that include a pre-authorized debit option.