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We are a Natural Health and wellness based business that offers services like;



 Essential Vitality is.....

The only Natural Health facility in Saskatchewan that provides the bio-energetic Therapy known as Health Kinesiology! Appointments are available both in-office and in Skype format. More on Health Kinesiology!



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For more info, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are located at 104-1100 1st Avenue East).



New At EV. Pressotherapy for Cellulite Reductions Find out more


Health Kinisiology

Our most popular service that uses muscle testing to identify the body's needs and the corrections required to help it....

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Holistic Wellness Coaching

A unique and better approach to nutrition needs &/or weight management. Take the guess work out of better eating......


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New location to serve you better;

We have moved to our new location. An old service is back and we will be introducing more soon....

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EV Health Blog

EV Health Blog

  • With having the honor of being the First certified Health Kinesiology Practitioner in the Province also comes the responsibility of making myself available to all....

  • Some people are more sensitive to the energy and some people just don't feel it. That doesn't mean that HK isn't working on them. For...

  • We want to try something new. Well to me it is not really new as I have partaken in these group sessions throughout most of...

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