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Hi, My name is Shannon, and I am Saskatchewan's first Health Kinesiology Practitioner. 

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Quote to Remember;

This condition does not control me. It is not who I am. And it is not a part of my identity.

I will survive without the attention or advantages I get from having this. With it, I am missing out on something greater in life than what that attention or advantage to this conditions gives me.

Therefore, I alone have the power to change my destiny. It is in my power to overcome this.

I will do whatever necessary to take the control away from this condition. I will take back my life!



  • 104-1100 1st Avenue E, Prince Albert
  • 219A 21st Street E. Saskatoon



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.....are entered into a monthly draw for a FREE Session in 2017! Watch our Facebook page for each month's winner.


Our Passion is "Helping You!"


Saskatchewan's First and Only Health Kinesiology Practitioner. Empowering you to take back the control in your life!

We are your team members helping you confront your health issues one step at a time. We believe you are in control of your destiny.

We have locations in both Prince Albert and Saskatoon. For more information, Visit our services below.

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Health Kinesiology

A Bio-Energetic Therapy that uses muscle testing to identify the body's needs & the Corrections required to help it.

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Ionic Foot Cleanse

Helps to Remove toxins & heavy metals or to reduce joint pain or insomnia thru this relaxing water water foot soak.


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Can be used for cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage & general wellness.


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Frequency Therapy

We are all made up of Frequency. Why not use it to aid your body to self-heal

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Wellness Classes

Wellness and empowerment classes. Be more accustomed to your body's needs


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Wellness Spa Parties

Share with your friends what wellness means to you. Host a wellness spa party.


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